Saturday, April 18, 2009

Drowning in Fiber

It's only 3 weeks till Shepherd's Harvest, and I am starting to panic. I have on order: silk scarves for safflower dyeing (they didn't come today, I sure hope they come Monday); large tubs of acid dye (backordered for a month or so, but now I've been billed, so they should be here sooooon); 30 lb of yarn of various sorts, because not everybody spins; and, just ordered today, a skein winder because I have to be able to wind yarn off of cones. Hoo boy. I sure hope I can pull everything together in the time left.

It's made complicated because I am also doing some natural dyeing; this is earmarked for my living history group's sutlery. I belong to Col. Gaffneyis Regiment of Pike and Shotte; we portray a recruiting camp in the highlands of Scotland in the year 1630. I have enjoyed working with natural dyes; I'd been dyeing in the fleece, but scored a lot of kind of funky overspun white wool yarn that I thought would be fun to dye up. So, that has to be ready at about the same time, and represents a completely different project...

Today's photo is my new BFL colorway, Woodland Summer. I had an idea to do something in yellow, brown, and green, and it came out reminding me of the woods in high summer, with green leaves, golden sun, and the brown of tree trunks and bracken.

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