Friday, April 3, 2009

A very mixed day

I had nightmares last night; I don't even know what they were, but I woke up and spent half an hour cowering under the bedclothes. (Don't like crawling out from the bedclothes on even the best day...)

But, I persevered, rinsed and dried a pound of BFL and some fleece naturally dyed with cherry-wood chips. I went down to SP-IT night at Knitter's Palette and had a great time. So, I was all energized when I got a note from Sue Ross saying that she was looking forward to me bringing down stuff to sell at her shearing tomorrow. I can do that!

One of the colorways I dyed last night and dried today was Berry Patch; it was my very first! I still love it a lot. I've packed up all my wool and printed out a price list, so come one, come all!

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