Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting ... less ... of it done...

Didn't feel that good today. I washed the second half of the lamb fleece, dyed a half-pound of mixed fiber, and washed out the purple bamboo, but not too much beyond that.

The purple didn't stay as purple as I had intended. It's still very beautiful, but I need to learn to get good, solid, consistent intense color. I have measured out four new skeins of bamboo, and I am going to try the following:

More soda ash, because I've only been using the minimum.

More time

Water softener

More dye

All of these will only have half the fiber, so that will be one more variable. In a couple of days I'll know more........

The photo for today is Zinneazzz!, a new BFL colorway. Zinneas are a quintessential midsummer flower, bringing non-stop color to the heat of July and through the late summer...

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