Friday, April 17, 2009

Rinsing Day

I dyed three pounds of fiber yesterday, so today was perforce Rinsing Day. Rinsing the Panda and the BFL is relatively easy; I swish them through some fiber wash and then drop them into a washer full of plain cold water. I turn the washer to spin and spin them out.

The bamboo is another matter. The dye is strange stuff, and you can rinse and rinse and it doesn't all come out. I rinse with hot water, then cold water with dye fixative, and let that one sit a while. Then hot water again, then cold water with fiber wash, then rinse and rinse and never DOES stop bleeding, but when I've got all the fiber wash out I figure it's time to hang the stuff to dry.

I've also spent much too much of the day reading Corambis, by Sarah Monette; it's the last of four and I've been waiting for it for months.

Today's photo is Ambergate, the other new bamboo blend. Good night, all!

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