Thursday, April 16, 2009

Very different days

Yesterday was a running-errands-all-day kind of day; not much fun and not much time at home. But, I did buy some linen to cold-dye in safflower yellow; I just washed it and put it right into the cold dyebath; I left it overnight, then washed it again and dried it in the dryer. There's a theory that the Scotsmen of the 17th century wore yellow shirts; reference is made to saffron shirts. Saffron is very expensive, but safflower, which is named after saffron, is not, and was a well-known dyestuff. I will be doing further experiments with the safflower later this week. I also dyed two skeins of mordanted wool; the linen was unmordanted, but it still picked up a pale yellow color.

Today was both more relaxed and more productive; I never left the house once all day, but I skeined up a pound of bamboo, a pound of Panda, and a pound of BFL. The bamboo is split between half a pound in purple (again!) and half a pound in green; I am using much more nitrogen this time. I mixed both those colors myself and am happy with them. The Panda is in a green I mixed myself. The BFL is half in Ashes of Roses (more intense this time), and a new colorway of yellow, green, and brown. We'll see how that one turns out.

Today's photo is one of the batts I blended earlier this week. It is merino in a soft green colorway blended with lavender bamboo; I was very happy with it!

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