Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wrong again!

I had tried this, that, and the other thing to get reasonably quick, intense, stable colors on bamboo. I know it was possible, and I had done it under the tutelage of Candy at the Fiber Center dye lab, but it wasn't happening here. Except for yellow, which was my first experiment, fast, easy and solid, and I couldn't figure out why nothing else was that easy.

In any case, I had not been using enough nitrogen, which is required to bond the dye. I did four experiments in different colors and they came out really well. That's the good news. The bad news is, what do I do about the stuff that won't stop bleeding? I think I need to introduce it to a nitrogen bath and see if I can't get that dye to set better...

I have heaps and piles of fiber that I packaged today, and I need to print labels for all of it. Today's photo is Jade Panda. I actually got a half pound of bamboo the exact same color, but by using a different dye formula. I really hope I can stabilize that one...

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