Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Working on it...

I've dyed off 1 lb of the Panda, and another is skeined and ready for dyeing.

I have also dyed 1 lb of my remaining Panda top, of which there isn't very much.

Have dyed 2 lb of superwash Falklands yarn, one in a shades of blue colorway and the other in shades of red. It comes in 1-lb skeins, after it dries I will re-skein it into 4-oz put-ups.

Have dyed 1 lb of bamboo, tomorrow will rinse it.

Am dyeing 1 lb of thick-n-thin, using the colorways I use for BFL top. That will be 4 lb today.

The thick-n-thin comes in 1/2-lb skeins; I wonder if people would rather I put it up into half that size.

Today's photo is Sun Kissed bamboo, at least that's what the photo label says.

Must go dye...

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