Monday, April 13, 2009

So many things to think about...

First, here is a pretty good representation of Sunshine Panda. I'm really pleased with it!

The new Shades of Red has major issues; I used the dye relatively tepid so that it wouldn't all strike at the top the minute I poured it in. So, instead, most of the pigment settled to the bottom and struck there. Bad. Very bad. I really like the bottom.....

I evaluated all of my bamboo tests, and the clear winner of the four options is: More Dye. I can also try More Nitrogen, which is a variable that I had not messed with before. More testing is in order.

Today I had to do a lot of other stuff, but tomorrow I will be at the Guild, blending. It's been too long. I have lots and lots of new merino to blend with; where to start?????

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