Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting it done!

I have, I think, maybe 40 lb of fiber around the house; dyed and undyed, blended and unblended.

Abby at Borealis Yarn wants some "intense" colors.

I have my first real fiber show on Mother's Day weekend.

I figure if I get all the fiber in the house dyed and possibly blended by Shepherd's Harvest, that's a worthy goal, isn't it?

Today for the first day in a long time, I didn't have to go anywhere; so I got busy. I dyed up two new colorways of BFL, a new color in Panda, and a half a pound of purple bamboo. That's two and a half lb. of fiber today.

The photo for today is the Ashes of Roses that I spun last night. I Navajo-plied it; if you don't know, this is a method where you're essentially crocheting your single-strand into a three-ply. You draw out your stitches very long so there aren't too many little bumps in the yarn. This is a good way to ply a multi-dyed yarn to keep the color divisions clearer; in this skein you can see considerable variation in intensity.

Because it's Blue Faced Leicester, which is a long-stapled wool, I was able to spin it quite fine without a lot of twist; when it plied up it was very soft and lovely!

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